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Cornerstone Endowment Dinner

by YMCA of Capital Area Administrator | Oct 27, 2017
     This year
Cornerstone Endowment Dinner was a huge success! The Endowment fund of the YMCA of the Capital Area was created in 1998 to protect our organization even during tough economic times – to guide and guard our assets.  The beauty of the Endowment fund is that your gift has a meaningful, and more importantly, enduring impact right in your own neighborhood. A healthy Y capable of making a significant impact in the community is a gift we have received from prior generations. It is a gift we should pass along, in a stronger position, to future generations.
     As of today, there are 47 Cornerstone Society members. Through their generosity, the balance at the Baton Rouge Area Foundation has grown to $4,153,115. Through differed estate and life insurance giving there is a total of $596,000, bringing the cash and pledged amount to $4,749,115. Without your generosity and continued support we would not be able to make such a significant impact on the future of the Y and those who are touched by the Y. 
     We would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Sanders who shared how the Y has impacted their and their daughter’s life. We appreciate your involvement with the YMCA. Furthermore, thank you to the the Endowment committee members. Thank you for volunteering your time to serve on this committee and helping us reach an important milestone for our 100th Anniversary. Last but not least, thank you to the donors and lifetime members of The Endowment Fund. Thank you for all the good work you are doing to help the YMCA carry out its cause to promote Youth Development, Healthy Living and Social Responsibility.